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Thread: Deleting the Wine program

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    Deleting the Wine program

    I want to completely delete the Wine program. I may have done it wrong. First I deleted the three programs that I was using from windows. Then, I went to the Synaptic and deleted the program. I can still see it in my Home folder under the Wine folder. It still has the dos devices folder and the Dive C folder. Will it go away if I just delete the Wine folder, or is there something else I can do to completely delete it?

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    Re: Deleting the Wine program

    If you chose "Completely remove" in synaptic it will have removed the wine program itself, including all the system-wide configuration files and folders for wine. It will not, however, have removed anything in your home folder, and that is not a bug or anything, it is designed that way.

    Remove the hidden folder /home/<user>/.wine in your home and you will get rid of everything related to wine. Use ctrl+H to see hidden folders and files in nautilus.
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