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Thread: Japanese-Anthy(ibus) not working for Skype 2.2beta ??

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    Question Japanese-Anthy(ibus) not working for Skype 2.2beta ??

    Greetings everyone, ihv been looking around for a fix to the Japanese Anthy(ibus) fix for Skype 2.2 beta for a few days now and ihv been unable to find a fix for a new user to linux and my current setup is Ubuntu 11.04.

    So far the only programs that I have tried Anthy with and worked are Firefox and Gedit.

    I came across this link which was similar to my case but different in terms of distro...
    I have tried the fix but it didn't seem to fix the issue.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it please enlighten me

    Thanks in advance !

    edit: it seems like the link i posted was the solution to this very problem.....I just followed the comment on zhuzez and everything worked like a charm...

    well, so much for getting no replies i know the reason why.....
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