I am running Ubuntu 11.04 on my desktop computer. I can use Mathematica on the school network if I ssh -X into the school network. However, in order to get Mathematica to run correctly on my computer, I need to add the mathematica fonts.

I saved the fonts to a folder in my home directory. In order to add the fonts to my X server I run
xset fp+ /home/peterson/MathematicaFonts/Type1/,/home/peterson/MathematicaFonts/BDF/
If I then type
xset q
I see that these font paths have been correctly added, and when I try to run Mathematica through ssh -X things work fine.

However, if I turn off my computer, when I re-start it I can no longer run mathematica through ssh -X, and if I check my font paths using 'xset q' I no longer see the Mathematica fonts listed. How can I get the Mathematica font paths added to my X server on a permanent basis so that I don't have to add them again every time I restart my computer.