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Thread: Skype Sound Problems

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    Skype Sound Problems

    Dear Ubuntuers,

    I'm using the latest Ubuntu (11.04 32 bit) and the newest Skype. However, I have problems with the sound. People sound like 'robots' with a lot of echo; the warning sounds (when someone comes online, chat opens, etc) have exactly the same problem. In other words, it is not due to a slow internet connection, etc. Rhythmbox sounds normal, i.e. sound card, etc work normal.

    This problem started after updating from Ubuntu 10 to 11. Any ideas/ suggestions?

    (sorry if this question has already been asked; However, I could not find a usable answer in the forum).



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    Re: Skype Sound Problems

    More details: Ubuntu 11.04
    Sound card: SB X-Fi
    Not sure where I can find the exact specs of my sound card

    Any help is very much appreciated!



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