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Thread: One Bluetooth mouse, multiple PC's

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    One Bluetooth mouse, multiple PC's

    Can I pair a single bluetooth mouse with two different computers? (Work laptop, personal laptop, NOT used/on at the same time).

    I am setting up a new laptop with XUbuntu, and am trying to decide if I need to buy a second mouse or not.

    From a quick test with two Windows PCs: after pairing a Logitech mouse with one laptop, and then a second, I needed to re-do the pairing process on the first laptop. Haven't had time to do further experimentation, and I haven't been able to come up with the magic search phrase to find the answer via Google.


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    Re: One Bluetooth mouse, multiple PC's

    As far as I know, NO.

    In some cases, there are bluetooth devices, for example, hands-free phone car accessories, that can pair to multiple devices -- but even then, the last device paired "wins".
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