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Thread: Just Installed Ubuntu on my MacBook: Need Help W/ a few things...

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    Question Just Installed Ubuntu on my MacBook: Need Help W/ a few things...


    As the title says, i just got Ubuntu (v11.04) on my MacBook (it's the latest and last MacBook; my system preferences say it was made in 'late 2009') and I was wondering if there's a fix for the following:

    1. Can't adjust brightness from the system preferences or the keyboard shortcuts. The brightness just stays the same.

    2. I've noticed that in the 'System Setting' screen when i scroll up or down, parts of the text stays in the same spot on the screen and doesn't move, and interferes with the scrolled text that should be in it's place. (If someone could recommend a screen shot program I could upload a screenshot of this)

    3. Lastly, I've noticed that in with a few applications if i have a smaller window of one app on top of another bigger window of another app, and i click on the bigger window, it takes unusually long for that window to be selected and the smaller window to go underneath. I've noticed other things things like this being unusually slower than on OSX. In other words: I've noteiced a speed difference between osx and Ubuntu (and i have both on the same computer) Is there any way to improve the speed?

    Thanks a ton for ANY help!!!

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    Re: Just Installed Ubuntu on my MacBook: Need Help W/ a few things...

    Honestly, I only run Mac OS 10.6.7 on my MacBook Pro. Just curious your interest in running Debian Linux over Mac OS on an Intel Based MacBook?

    I am totally cool with anyone trying Ubuntu, but I would suggest sticking with Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7.

    I have been running Ubuntu 10.04.3 for about a year. But that is on my PowerBook G4. I was running Mac OS 10.5.6, but it was slow & beacuse it was PowerPC, there was little support for almost every app. Thus, I decided to cut my losses & run Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. I had a Dual-Boot for a few years with Mac OS 10.5 & Ubuntu 8.04 PowerPC LTS. Thus, I knew that Ubuntu PowerPC was the way to go.

    I am not trying to talk you out of a great Linux Distro in Ubuntu. I would suggest possibly trying 10.04 LTS. The LTS tend to have more support & fixes due to the 3 year duration of LTS. Just a suggestion, though.

    Don't forget that Mac OS X is based heavily on Unix Kernel, not unlike Linux. You may also try running some open-source apps or programs on your MacBook Mac OS?

    You should look into VirtualBox from Sun Micro, it is an open-source Virtual Desktop which runs on Intel-based Mac. That way you could try Ubuntu 10.04 LTS virtually, rather than Live CD?


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