We have a Mac that has been having some problems with Carbonite. Whenever it is active (most of the time) it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get the Mac to do anything at all. Carbonite support sent my mother an email explaining how to manually remove Carbonite by trashing certain files in the hard drive. When she couldn't get to the Finder at all, I suggested starting up the Mac with my Ubuntu 10.10 disk, which I ended up doing. I then loaded up Macintosh HD in Nautilus. I decided to use my flash drive as a temporary trash folder and started trying to move the Carbonite files to my flash drive. I found it impossible to move the files to my flash. Checking a file's permissions, I found that the owner is 'root'. Is there ANY possible way to remove these files in an OS other than OS X?!?!?! I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!