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Thread: Upgrade went wrong always have to login

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    Upgrade went wrong always have to login

    i am new to ubuntu and still learning how to do things.
    i wanted to upgrade from 10.00 to 11.04
    i could not find a program that was easy to use to make a live CD from Ubuntu.
    so after looking and not finding something i could get to work and that was not a windows program i just did it threw update manager.

    I notice i did it in safe mode by mistake.

    I can watch video but only for 10 minutes then all be asked to login again.
    I am sent back to the desktop with everything closed.
    I restart the video and it happens again.
    It mostly does it if i click at the top of the screen for volume or anything else.
    the screen saver is not on

    does any body have any ideas and what is the problem?

    I believe it is an Apple format video i download. can not check because always asked to login.

    The videos i watch are on this site.

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    Re: Upgrade went wrong always have to login

    Are you logged into the "guest" account? Kinda sounds like it. Try going to System>Administration>Login Screen and see if there is another user listed, like you?

    Open a Terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T) or via

    What does the prompt read, guest?, or your username?
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    Re: Upgrade went wrong always have to login

    the screen goes black then back on.
    The login screen comes up with 2 choices. Their is my name and the other is guest.
    I put my password in to my name and it opens up to the desktop.
    I go into fire fox and it ask me if i want to restore the tabs that i was using or new session.

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