This is my first post, as usually I can figure out problems on my own but this one has me stumped. I have a RocketFish Bluetooth dongle and M$ Bluetooth mouse 5000. My problem actually has a few parts to it. First, the overall function of the mouse is very spotty. Occasionally the mouse will work perfectly, but other times it will sort of lag and skip when moving. No real rhyme or reason it seems. The second part of the problem is that after putting my machine into sleep and bringing it back by pressing the power button, the mouse doesn't work at all. While trying to figure out the issue, I notice the Bluetooth icon for BlueDevil is not in the task bar by the clock. When I try to launch the Bluetooth manager from the K menu, it appears in the task bar for a few moments, the icon bounces by the cursor, then nothing. The program never seems to launch and the mouse continues to not function. If anyone could help shed some light on what I may need to do, that would be great.