Being new to Ubuntu I find myself in information overload and google searches to be close but not close enough.

The problem:
I am unable to access the networked Windows computer from the Ubuntu host or the VM guest Windows. Both the host and guest can see the windows computer in Network(Ubuntu) and Network Places (Guest). The networked computer can access files on both the host and the guest without a problem.

Ubuntu 10.04 host
VMplayer 3.14
Windows XP Professional SP3 Guest
Windows XP Professional SP3 networked computer
Samba installed on Ubuntu host

Workgroup = CTPR

Error message
CTPR not accessible. You may not have permission to access this resource.

Permissions have been set on the networked computer to allow all users read/wright access to the networked computer.

If someone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful

Joe Rein