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Thread: viewing chinese characters

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    viewing chinese characters

    hi. i installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my emachine, model EL1831 (if anyone might need to ask), and this is the third install in a week because I've been crashing it ever since from edits. ha-ha.

    right now my problem is almost done, just one last hurdle... viewing Chinese characters... i have Chinese input already, and i can type Chinese characters. but i noticed on my video files, when i play them, the Chinese characters come out as nonsense....
    (e.g: - . - -)
    i started to check and noticed that even when i open the SRT file for the subtitle, it is the same weird characters.... how do i fix this? i can type chinese, and i can browse chinese websites, and i already installed the chinese fonts in synaptics package manager.

    the video and subtitle works well on it's windows system before i deleted the windows partition and installed Ubuntu into it.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. this is my first Ubuntu install, and the computer is for my dad, he is computer illiterate, so i need to make things as simple as possible, that's why i went for Ubuntu. fast, yet simple.

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    Re: viewing chinese characters

    have you tried installing a language pack?
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