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    Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 231

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 231 for the week of August 29 - Sept 4th, 2011.

    In This Issue

    • Announcing Ubuntu App Developer Week
    • Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1 (Oneiric Ocelot) Released
    • Ubuntu Stats
    • LoCo News
    • Ubuntu Women: Ubuntu Women Conference Goodies!
    • Ara Pulido: Ubuntu Friendly sprinting! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    • Brian Murray: Volume of bugs about Ubuntu is our fault
    • Victor Tuson Palau: How do I benefit from Ubuntu Pre-Install?
    • Alan Bell: The science of meetings
    • Jono Bacon: Loco Team Portal Gets Blogging Support
    • Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric reviews
    • Canonical Targets Embedded Devices with Its Ubuntu Core
    • Linus Torvalds and Others on Community Burnout
    • Featured Podcasts
    • Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
    • Upcoming Meetings and Events
    • Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 10.10 11.04 and 11.10
    • and much more

    General Community News

    Announcing Ubuntu App Developer Week

    The next session of Ubuntu App Developer week is taking place September 5th through the 9th. It should be a good one!

    Unity Contributor Report for Beta 1: It's peanut butter beta time.

    Jorge Castro of the Ubuntu Community team sums up Unity contributions for Beta 1 and invites more users to contribute during what is left of the release cycle. In this post he outlines the Unity contributors of the week, what's going on in Oneiric, targeted bugs and how to get involved. If you are looking for more information on the state of Unity and how you can help then Castro's post is a must read.

    Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

    With only 6 weeks left in the Ubuntu 11.10 development cycle, David Planella updates the community on how the release is shaping up, as well as upcoming events and more.

    Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1 (Oneiric Ocelot) Released.
    Another milestone in the development release cycle has been achieved. Beta 1 is now available and ready for testing. See this announcement for links and information for not only Ubuntu but all the supported deriviates as well.

    Ubuntu Stats

    Bug Stats

    • Open (89435) - 75 over last week
    • Critical (175) - 13 over last week
    • Unconfirmed (46716) + 244 over last week

    As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

    Translation Stats Oneiric

    • Spanish (13900) -4203 over last week
    • Brazilian Portuguese (51330) -261 over last week
    • English (United Kingdom) (57336) -1044 over last week
    • French (79428) +25 over last week
    • German (83053) +28 over last week

    Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Oncelot", see more at: and

    Ubuntu Brainstorm Top Ideas this week

    Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or against another idea.

    Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions this week

    Ask (and answer!) your own questions at

    LoCo News

    Nobuto MURATA: Open Source Conference 2011 Nagoya, Japan

    Japanese LoCo Team members attend the Hajime Mizuno Open Source Conference Nagoya 2011, and distribute hundreds of CDs 11.04 + Desktop / Server LTS 10.04. The 11.04 Japanese Remix was installed and displayed at the Ubuntu Booth where over 600 attendees had the opportunity to view the demo's and gather information on Ubuntu.

    Elizabeth Krumbach: Ubuntu California at Picn*x 20 and Android cookies

    In this article Elizabeth Krumbach summarizes how she worked and others from the California LoCo team to organize the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Linux Picn*x. Included in this article are photos of the use of the Canonical gifts for approved LoCo teams. Complete with cookie recipe and Android cookie cutters this post offers more than sweets to make a LoCo party an enjoyable success.

    Software Freedom Day 2011 Nicaragua

    Jose Ernesto points out that Software freedom day is now listed as a global event in the LoCo directory and that the Nicaraguan team will be participating in this event again this year. He also adds that Software Freedom Day 2011 Nicaragua is organized by members of the Nicaraguan Free Software Community. More information on how to join in the event can be found in the post.

    The Planet

    Ubuntu Women: Ubuntu Women Conference Goodies!

    Elizabeth Krumbach, of the UW leadership team, blogs about the availabilty of resources available for the Ubuntu Women Project to use at conferences. Resources not only include business cards, but stickers, magnets and more.

    Ara Pulido: Ubuntu Friendly sprinting! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    The Ubuntu Friendly team spent last week sprinting and fine tuning the inner workings Ubuntu Friendly Program. Ara Pulido does a great job summarizing each days accomplishments and provides the mock-ups for the website and more.

    Brian Murray: Volume of bugs about Ubuntu is our fault

    Brian Murray explains how 1,078 unnecessary bug reports were created and says, "...when we look at bugs that have been created in Launchpad by an automatic process we should look at whether or not we really need this specific type of bug report and if not prevent it from being reported at all." Murray also offers to help anyone willing to help prevent these unnecessary bug reports.

    Canonical Design Team: Picturing the end of the road for another cycle

    Iain Farrell explains how there were almost 2000 submissions for the Ubuntu Wallpapers this cycle and how that list has been narrowed down to 45 images. His post includes links to the shortlist of images, and notes the goal is to get as many as possible into the final release.

    Victor Tuson Palau: How do I benefit from Ubuntu Pre-Install?

    Victor Palau finds interesting threads in the Ubuntu Forums addressing hardware certification and Ubuntu pre-installs. In this post summaries the importance of the program and what it really means to the end user.

    Amber Graner: Community Resources for Spreading Ubuntu

    As the community was gearing up the Ubuntu Global Jam as well as beginning to gear up for the Ubuntu release parties, Amber Graner takes a moment to remind the community about the resources offered to help promote Ubuntu on the site.

    Scott Lavender: Oneiric Update

    Scott Lavender discusses Ubuntu Studio updates, where help is needed, and the audience they are striving to reach with the 11.10 release and beyond. If you use Ubuntu Studio please take a look at Lavender's post and see where you can lend a hand or feedback.

    Alan Bell: The science of meetings

    For those who use IRC for their Ubuntu meetings you'll find Alan Bell's account of how the new and improved Meetingology bot evolved from mootbot and mootbot-uk. If you are enjoying using Meetingology for your online IRC team meetings this is a must read. Thanks Alan Bell.

    Jono Bacon: Loco Team Portal Gets Blogging Support

    In this post Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manger discusses how adding LoCo team blogs to the portal is helping shape the site into a dynamic stream of information that users will want to keep open in a tab on their desktop. He also points out how regular calls with various users and contributors helped to shape the content and direction of the site. Bacon also points out how to get your teams blog added to the stream and the support behind this new feature.

    In The Press

    Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric reviews

    It would be a lengthy publication if we summed up all the reviews that are happening around the community, in the press, and through the blogosphere. Below is the list of the reviews that caught the attention of the UWN team.

    In The Blogosphere

    Ubuntu-powered Tablet Computers: Will they work or won't they?

    In the article the thought of using Ubuntu on tablet computers is discussed and how it compares to IOS and Android

    The Graphics Stack, Requirements For Ubuntu 11.10

    Michael Larabel discusses graphics driver options for Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot". In this article Larabel summarizes information he believes users will want to know you'll about the graphics in Ubuntu 11.10.

    Canonical Targets Embedded Devices with Its Ubuntu Core

    With Ubuntu's new Core version we see Canonical advertising its operating system to be run on embedded devices.

    In Other News

    Linus Torvalds and Others on Community Burnout

    Linus Torvalds, along with Ubuntu Community Manager, Jono Bacon and, Ubuntu Community member and journalist, Amber Graner, openly discuss burnout and how to spot the warning signs, and recover from it.

    Featured Podcasts

    Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S04E14 - Revelations

    Laura Cowen, Mark Johnson, and Tony Whitmore are joined by guest presenter Andy Piper in Studio A for episode 14 of season 4 of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo Team!

    In this week's show:-
    • Life after OggCamp, building a Nanode, the OggCamp11 Lanyrd page, applying for Ubuntu membership and having an Ubuntu wiki page, creating a PDF form on Linux (or not), upgrading to Natty (finally), learning to use Inkscape, making screencasts (on Windows), and buying a game from the Ubuntu Software Centre.
    • Interview Matt Revell about his new job as Launchpad Product Manager and Jonathan Lange about and pkgme.
    • Announce the winner of our pre-OggCamp11 competition to win a MeeNee laptop.
    • In the news
    • Events
    • A Bit About Ubuntu:-
    • Listener feedback including a mail from James Fox offering $15 for a fix to Ubuntu's WakeOnLan function. Listen to the show for more details. You can contact James on jhowardfox [at]

    Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings

    Upcoming Meetings and Events

    For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at

    Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 10.10 11.04 and 11.10

    Security Updates

    • [USN-1197-1] Firefox and Xulrunner vulnerability

    • [USN-1199-1] Apache vulnerability

    • [USN-1197-2] Thunderbird vulnerability


    Ubuntu 8.04 Updates

    Ubuntu 10.04 Updates

    Ubuntu 10.10 Updates

    Ubuntu 11.04 Updates

    Ubuntu 11.10 Updates

    UWN Translations

    • Note to translators and our readers please follow the link below for the information you need.


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    Additional Ubuntu News

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    Thank you for reading the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

    See you next week!


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