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Thread: Does Nvidia "Clone" mode still exist?

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    Does Nvidia "Clone" mode still exist?

    Ubuntu 10.10
    Nvidia Driver: 260.19.06
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8400 GS with VGA DVI and S-Video

    Back in the day Nvidea had an option for Clone, now the options are Twin View, Seperate X Screen, and Disabled.
    Now that I have a nifty new Acer 16x9 flat screen I prefer to watch my movies on the monitor instead of the TV, which is hooked up to the S-Video out.
    Problem arises when there is company on the couch as I'd like to watch the movie on my monitor while the heathens on the couch can see the same movie on the TV, which is not possible in either TwinView or Seperate X screen to my knowledge.
    Does a hack exist to recreate Clone mode so that both the monitor and TV show the same output or has that been phased out.

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    Re: Does Nvidia "Clone" mode still exist?

    You have to select twinview first...then the clone option is available hidden under some tab or button. But it is there somewhere..

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