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Thread: 6 Hours, 4 Tries/Problems and i'm back one step!

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    Question 6 Hours, 4 Tries/Problems and i'm back one step!

    I saw mythbuntu on the gadget show and i thought it would be an easy way to replace our old PVR. Im not so sure about the easy part now.

    Try NO.1

    I spend ages trying to find the wubi then i find i just have to unzip the iso with 7z. After running wubi sucsessfuly i restart and then i let linux do its thing and i answer the questions and it compleats. However when i restart and go to the mythbuntu option on the xp bootloader grub loads but with no option to load mythbuntu, just xp!
    I then go on a wild goose chase trying to install gag then realising i need to burn a cd (which i cannot do because i have just a cd-rom/dvd reader). I then run an old live cd but cannot find a way to re-install grub. I could have done that but i figured another try would fix it, wouldnt it?

    Try NO.2

    Secondly i tried with wubi again, this time running live cd before installing. It got to copying files/just after i scelected the graphics drivers before crashing.

    Try No.3

    I tried again using the same settings as before and it got to "ready when you are" with no dialouge boxes for it to be waiting for. I thought it was waiting for me to shut down so i did then restarted...into the same live cd

    Try NO.4

    This time the install worked smoothly and at the end it asked me to reboot, wich i did. When it came back on it booted straight to grub with no option for xp which errored:
    error: no such device: a1708be7-dda2-4ao8bd2f-d4b1c6d0f38
    grub rescue>_
    All of this forced me (after 6 hours of trying) to quit and ask the forums on the other pc. Go easy on me, i am a Dumb Noob!

    If anyone needs the hardware specs i will get them for them.

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    Re: 6 Hours, 4 Tries/Problems and i'm back one step!

    1. Why are you using wubi? use the LiveCD to create a dual boot. I for one have never thought Wubi was ever a good idea, and so many people seem to have issues with it on the forums. Do you still need windows on the machine using it as a PVR means it will be running nearly 24/7 to begin with.

    2. What are the specs of the PC you are trying to install mythbuntu onto?
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    Post Re: 6 Hours, 4 Tries/Problems and i'm back one step!

    I am using wubi because i cannot burn a cd/dvd from my computer i can only use ready burned ones. I have tried using my memory stick but that failed because i couldnt find a iso burning tool for memory sticks, they all didnt handle the right format.

    I am now backing up winzowze to a hard disk that i will remove then i am going to re-install windowze and then install mythbuntu on the main hard disk with bootloader on a separate partition.

    I do need windows on the computer because it is not a dedicated pvr and i wont have it on 24/7 (too power intensive) i will use atpi to set up timer for recording.

    Specs Included below
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    Re: 6 Hours, 4 Tries/Problems and i'm back one step!

    I have now booted from windowze and am trying with wubi again, this time booting it "live CD" that should work?

    If you never hear from me again, my computer has blown up!


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