After reading the tovid forums, it looks to me like the library module issue might be that Ubuntu doesn't include /usr/local/lib in the python library module path. (or whatever it is called) I configured tovid to use /usr instead of /usr/local and didn't have the issue. I did find a bug in the 0.27 version of tovidgui. When it calls makexml, it doesn't include "-out" before the output file name. The developer has already answered my bug report in the tovid forums with a simple edit to fix the problem. (I didn't try to track it down myself last night. I was too sleepy.) There is also a bug in the tovid shell script in which the WORKING_DIR variable is not properly quoted in two places. Again, someone in the tovid forums posted a simple fix.

I thank you again for pointing out this software. It was exactly what I was looking for.