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Thread: Issues with Splash Screen on Boot PowerBook G4?

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    Re: Issues with Splash Screen on Boot PowerBook G4?

    Pretty much my entire linux knowledge is contained in this thread! (I've yet to incorporate your advice into it)

    For youtube there are like a gazillion ways and everyone seems to have there personal opinion on what is best. Myself, I don't think you'll beat the firefox extension FlashVideoReplacer. Youtube is a phenomenon that has passed me by though and I rarely use it.

    For general flash there is Gnash. You may want to install/compile the latest version.

    I've also got good at finding the rtmp streams using wireshark so I can bypass flash for things like radio/tv streaming.

    Basically, I can live without flash so I don't use any alternatives! The only thing I miss is audio/video clips on news sites.

    Sorry don't use torrent stuff either!

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    Re: Issues with Splash Screen on Boot PowerBook G4?

    Thank You for the link. Not having Flash, I agree is missed when viewing sites with embedded video. I will try your suggestion. Gnash has not worked at all. I along with many others are anxiously awaiting HTML5 mainstream as a Flash killer.

    Also, I tried Linux nosplash-powerpc during Stage 2 Boot for a successful Verbose Boot.

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