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Thread: ubuntu rebuild partitions table

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    ubuntu rebuild partitions table

    I am planing on wiping my comp soon with d-ban and want to know if Ubuntu will be able to remake the partitions table if I do, also (windows vista related) if i get my current vista key can i use it to activate vista again after wiping and can i use a vista disk that wasn't used to install my current vista

    I.E.- 2 vista sp2 disks
    original was not given with comp but i have the CD-key----- (first disk)
    i have another vista sp2 disk in my basement ---------------(second disk)
    will i be able to use first disk key on second disk for istallation

    Thx in advance

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    Re: ubuntu rebuild partitions table

    why do you want to install the worst winbloz on your system ?
    Myself only use linux since 2005, no MS around and dont need it as wine (winehq) is able to run most of the exe , if any.

    here is how i install ubuntu:

    note: search "ubuntu+vista" on this forum, discussed so many times.

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