I had a Mac Machine but replaced it with a Ubuntu. After some time I found that I had missed some files in the Parallels Desktop 6 virtual machine that ran Windows XP 32 bit. I saved the image just in case.

I have searched and what I have found is that this is a bit of a problem. There seems to be no way to mount the image to copy the files I need.

I have found that VMWare vCenter Converter (Free download from VMWare site) can convert Parallels Desktop image files and then can VirtualBox run it. I tried it but Windows XP in the image will not go further then the Safe Mode message at boot. So I am stuck here.

Is their a way I have not found to mount Parallels Desktop image file and just copy the information from it?

(I do not need Virtalbox because Wine runs the Windows programs I use with no problem at all.)