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Thread: Trouble opening word doc in libre office

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    Trouble opening word doc in libre office


    What happened? I put together a weekly newsletter for our church. I have always put this together with my Windows desktop using word 2007 and save as a doc. I e mail to myself just to make sure that formatting, page breaks etc are all as I want them. In past weeks I have opened it with my Ubuntu desktop, running Natty and open attachments with Libre Office. With some minor differences the pages open and are readable. Tonight I repeated the exercise and when I opened the word attachment in Libre office the text no longer is readable. Just a bunch of symbols. I tried to forward last weeks newsletter which worked fine last week and I get the same result when I open attachments with Libre Office. Have not updated or changed any of my programs with the exception of running update manager daily. Would really apprciate if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions as I am new to Ubuntu and trying to learn.
    One other "problem", when using a cursor or mouse theme that differs from the Ubuntu per loaded theme, the theme that I want to use only appears to work when I am on line and navigating in that window. Move out of the window to the desk top and the mouse still works fine, but goes back to a standard Ubuntu default cursor / mouse.
    Thanks in advance for your time and help, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Trouble opening word doc in libre office

    You should send news letters in .pdf format,that way everyone can open them and it looks the same.

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