Hello, first off I'm not that good in linux so bare with me please.

My issue, I recently set up SSH on my home machine and can tunnel in from work no problem. I also have freenx set up and can tunnel in from work no problem. I've also wanted to use custom keys with a public/private key. SO I set that up and finally got it working.

Now my problem comes in I am not able to connect with nomachine without a password and the whole point of using custom keys is to get rid of the password so I can't be brute forced. unfortunatly nomachine doesn't work without a password.....so is there any way to fix this. both nomachine and ssh have working public/private keys but as soon as I turn off the password field in sshd_config nomachine can't connect, when I turn it back on I am able to connect using the default keys (which is what I dont want).

Should I just use somethign else like VNC or what would be best here? Thx guys

my machine at work is a windows 7 box.