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Thread: prettier than a mac faster than a pc

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    prettier than a mac faster than a pc

    like this says

    in general i prefer everything from source, gentoo is a _great_ os, but binary installs quickly and is precompiled. to me ubuntu is like red hat. its a good zero to running system, and is easy to replicate. im running ubuntu amd64 stock, then installing xfce from repository. then skinning its loading screen. i also reskin the boot loader. linux is really crazy about that. i install lxde and kde from repository, and get the full beast of linux running. k3b is great for burning cds.

    my masters thesis is to punish ubuntu with tons of scripts and give people a general idea how the back end works and the kinds of things you can do with the back end. kwrite, and gedit are good text editors. open office is good for word style documents. linux shines as a good virtual machine host, and with window and desktop management. it does well for music recording also. dual monitor with compiz dual cubes and multiple virtual machines to play with at once are very nice. virtual machines advantages are that you can replace a os with a file swap / backup image / live image of the os.

    my goal is to make a simple os ubuntu based that is great for recording music, playing media, manipulating the net, and is latest up to date compared to mac with rails, and apache service. also i intend to teach people how to setup a compiler, and how to resolve issues when it comes to source compilation.

    this will be a string of tutorials that will make a beautiful ubuntu linux with a taste of linux from scratch style scripts and scripting bash. this is a compilation of scripts modifying my ubuntu.

    if you like my tutorials please donate @
    as i do treat this as a full time job.... yes its a $25,000 bat house fund raiser... lol its a generic drop box for donations.

    general setup and install...

    ubuntu on a usb key

    linking /bin/sh to bash instead of dash

    super easy apache file sharing

    apache running bash scripts as cgi

    bs free dynamic dns

    figure out what version of ubuntu ur running

    fix your grub splash from debian to god mode universal 1280x1024 nebula in ubuntu 11.10

    enable paralel building for multi core jobs for compiling

    nab some code from the folks at linux from scratch to make beautiful terminal prompts that warn when your in root mode.

    add some humor to your terminals

    install memory / swap flushing tool

    turn hidden boot up sounds off.

    make your audacious winamp style with eq preset instilation

    install squid proxy server to speed up your browsing experience

    setup bind9 dns

    seamonkey from precompiled tars

    speed dialer for firefox + seamonkey

    more goodies for firefox + seamonkey

    scripts to restart firefox + seamonkey

    install flash for your firefox + seamonkey (and chromium also)

    get java going for firefox + seamonkey (and chromium also)

    install opera web browser

    dark css styles to skin bright web pages

    dark system theme for xfce (and quite possibly gnome and ubuntu)

    lamp blog / wordpress made copy paste ultra easy

    install docky

    make gedit easy on the eyes / get it ready to code long hours

    make pidgin easy on the eyes

    vsftpd anon access ftp server in 2 seconds

    installing and unlocking distro specific rails.

    electric sheep shearing anyone? xscreensaver electric sheep

    missing / broken emerald? no more!

    monitor diagnostic images to collaborate your monitors...

    add some musical programs.

    and some music made with ubuntu linux

    virtual box giving a new meaning to linux windows mac....

    and some propaganda

    easy on the eyes i s the name of the game....

    a little synaptic 2 xfce4 reboot / window manager switched to xfce4

    alt +f2 gnome-terminal



    as ubuntu 11.10 makes my pc crash and burn

    as for hardware, the 3 best keyboards you will EVER use and i mean EVER are the ibm model m, ibm model m2, and acer 6311.... they are tactile feedback keyboards that click like a typewriter would click.... why is this feature important you say? its because you know when the key is up or down just by feel... play first person shooters for 30 minutes with a model M and you'll never go back to soft touch... they need to revive this style of keyboard for the hard core gamer... they discontinued this style when PS/2 was common still, now motherboards dont come with PS2 anymore. i use a ibm model m from 1984 daily yet, i have a broken usb mac keyboard that even has a usb hub on it.... i need a line of ibm model M keyboards that are in USB updated to make them more energy friendly with usb hubs on them.... 101 keys, no windows / mac keys to them, i guess + 10 assignable net keys would be fine with windows / mac key clearly out of the way of standard typing / gaming.... combined with a MS natural contour to it would probably get me to buy it. my friend likes blue tooth wifi keyboards, i like wire and no batteries or hassle. i seen a keyboard with a dock from microsoft that ALMOST fits this bill and has mice and volume keys etc... i like the nub mice 4 media center keyboards, and dislike the filthy touch pads.

    so i require a back lit tactile feedback keyboard, no windows/mac/function keys, or have them out of the way and off to the side. nub mouse, with scroll wheel, assignable net keys, charging dock / wire / wifi... usb hub on the dock volume keys, channel keys. Cadillac style.... i mean i am from michigan... microsoft wireless desktop 8000 keyboard + tactile click would be good with substitute nub mouse 4 the filthy touch pad
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    Re: prettier than a mac faster than a pc

    goog collection, very helpful.


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