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Thread: Ubuntu 11.04 on hp Probook 4430s

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    Question Ubuntu 11.04 on hp Probook 4430s

    Currently I have a HP probook 4430s. I am currently using the pre-boot auth method to turn on the computer. Also, the OS system (windows 7 home 64bit) has its filesystem encripted with "Drive Encryption for HP Protect Tools", description found here:

    However I have found that there is no supported drivers for the McAfee Drive Encryption sofware in a linux/ubuntu platform. So I was thinking of decrypting the hard disk and use a windows/ubuntu supported version of a full disk encryption program.

    Please advice which one can be correctly supported in a Windows/Wubi installation. Or if anyone has a link to support McAfee drive encryption under linux/ubuntu.


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    Re: Ubuntu 11.04 on hp Probook 4430s

    I personally would ditch the McAfee stuff and just use

    I like the open source plus you can setup a hidden volume.

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