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Thread: Fixing gnome-open association after pcmanfm

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    Exclamation Fixing gnome-open association after pcmanfm

    I followed a tutorial to install pcmanfm instead of nautilus system wide, and i can't remember which one, i want to go back to nautilus and i got it to work with the places links and generally all the folder opening actions, but there still a problem when opening files for some programs for example the file-browser-applet for the gnome panel sends this error when trying to open a file for example:
    Could not display "/home/user/resume.pdf" the location is not a folder
    And i tracked it down to trying to do
    gnome-open "/home/user/resume.pdf"
    xdg-open "/home/user/resume.pdf"
    I get the same error
    I now it has something to do with file associations found in
    Because i found thats where gnome-open searches to know how to open a particular file extension suchs as pdf. This problems occurs with different programs for example gnome-do also use gnome-open to open files and sends the same error.
    I must say that i can open files normally when browsing with nautilus, no problem with associations there, any help appreciated.
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