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Thread: Cannot run ubuntu from USB

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    Cannot run ubuntu from USB

    Hi i am new to ubuntu and os installing stuff. I have windows XP installed on my PC. I am trying to test drive ubuntu from my pen drive to have a look around(for now).
    I downloaded ubuntu-11.04-alternate-i386.iso and made my 2GB usb stick bootable using unetbootin-win-549.exe and made a reboot. A window with menu appeared and it shows options such as
    Run Ubuntu from this USB

    If i select the first option ie, "Run Ubuntu from this USB" a beep sound is heard and nothing happens.
    Also at the bottom of the screen there is a line
    "Automatic boot in 5 seconds"
    but the once the countdown reaches 0, it restarts counting down from 5 after a beep.
    then I tried 'help' option , there are a list of options and at the bottom it says press f2 through f10 for details, or enter to boot. If I press enter, it would show: "could not find kernal image:/casper/vmlinuz

    I dont want to install it on my hard disk, and I just want to run it from USB, But I cant. Can anyone tell me what I should do?
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