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Thread: Getting a EEE 1215B: C-50 or E350?

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    Getting a EEE 1215B: C-50 or E350?

    I carry around 2 laptops with me all the time. My personal laptop and my work laptop. My personal laptop, up until now, has been an IBM T61. My work laptop is an HP Elitebook 8460p. Frankly, between the two of these and a book or two in my backpack, it feels like it's going to snap my spine in two. The solution, I decided was to upgrade to a lighter personal laptop. I wanted to get a MacBook Air but decided that the $999 minimum price tag was a bit out of my reach and I was going to run Ubuntu on it anyway so why bother with a Mac when I could just get a Netbook. I found the 1215B on newegg and saw that they have two different processors, the C-50 and the E350 (1Ghz and 1.6Ghz respectively). I decided I would get one of these and max out the memory to 4GB (since DDR3 is so cheap these days) and and grab a 120GB ssd to try to reduce the power consumption as much as I could and stretch out the battery life.

    To The Point Already:
    My question is to any of the owners of these 1215B notebooks (or similar ones with the C-50 and E350 APUs). How has your experience with them been. Are you using the Unity desktop or does it require you to fall back to Gnome2/Unity-2D? How is your battery life? Does battery life take a significant hit when you're running Unity 3D?

    Thanks a bunch in advance. I am really looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say. If the C-50 will run Unity 3D and those who have it are generally pleased with it I'll probably go that route. The models using it instead of the E350 are about $100-$150 less which means more can go into the SSD/RAM/etc.
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