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Thread: Scan clients connected to the LAN

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    Scan clients connected to the LAN

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if there's a way to check which clients are connected to my LAN? I'd want to know their IP and hostname.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Alessandro Desantis

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    Re: Scan clients connected to the LAN

    sudo apt-get install nmap
    nmap -sP
    That will ping all the addresses between and and give you a list of all the hosts it finds. Whether the hostnames are returned depends on whether you have reverse-DNS resolution correctly configured on your network.

    nmap is an incredibly powerful tool with a lot of scanning options. Hell, even Trinity uses it in the second Matrix film.

    If there are Windows clients on the network, you can use the "nmblookup" utility that comes with Samba to get hostnames. "nmblookup -A" will return that host's "Netbios" name, the one that appears in a network search using Windows.
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