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Thread: Unity vs a KDE user: request for help :)

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    Question Unity vs a KDE user: request for help :)

    I am a KDE user since v1.1, so obviously I feel "at home" with it.

    Recently I wanted to try something different, to evaluate what could be the easiest Windows-replacement experience for my parents and my wife's parents. KDE for me is the obvious choice, but I can't define myself a newbie; also, well, being a SW engineer does not help too

    So I had a look to this Unity... and I was in pain, trying to discover what are the standard/default/most common gnome (just gtk based? ok, just not Qt/KDE) counterparts in ubuntu.
    I really miss an easy menu to see at glance *what* is installed and what the program name is.

    I find the black tanslucid menu very unfriendly, assuming the user to be already familiar with the world of GTK/gnome applications.

    Ok I can select a category in the top next corner and try to search a few words, but I do not imagine an newbie to linux being more than 40 years old to be comfortable with unity (at least with this *basic* feature).

    The classic gnome shell is easier, letting the environment and the world of already installed application to show itself at once to the user. Unity creeps from the corners, the "feel" unfolds coarsely (IMHO) and the user must discover (how) what are the most useful programs not showing on the left.

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, probably from my KDE background or I am missing some useful command or program. Can anybody tell me if I am right or wrong?

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    Re: Unity vs a KDE user: request for help :)

    In my not too informed opinion, I think Unity is designed for newbies with little experience with computers. They will not have a lot of programs installed, and typically will just use email and a browser, maybe occasionally a word processor.
    Super power users can probably configure Unity to suit themselves, but regular power users (I had to make some kind of distinction) like myself are being pushed to xfce or possibly kde.
    Again, just my opinion, your mileage may vary etc, but to answer your question, if your (step)parents will not be using the computer for intensive tasks, I would install Unity for them.

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    Re: Unity vs a KDE user: request for help :)

    I made my escape to Kubuntu due to unity after years of gnome.
    Imho your observations are correct.
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    Re: Unity vs a KDE user: request for help :)

    If you right-click on the Menu applet on the Unity Dock (on the left side, not the top-left corner), then you get a menu with categories "Media", "Internet", "Accessories" ....


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