I decided to go ahead and backup a lot of ISO's, game disks, old driver disks et al to my hard drive, basically because I want to be able actually index stuff and not deal with physical disks, and ideally be able to play games without the CD in the drive.

I couldn't get Brasero or K9copy to pull the disk images properly (Brasero doesn't seem to find CD's, and K9Copy insists "Can't open disc /dev/sr0!"), but after some short searches I found K3B which seemed to work, until I did some spot checking.

Some (Not actually all that many) CD/DVD's it backs up fine. But for some reason, many CD's it appends ";1" (sans quotes) to every filename (not folders) and the ISO is then broken. After testing it on a DVD Brasero does the same thing on the same DVD's.

It seems to do it consistently with any given CD/DVD, and I'm finding nothing on this on the Internet (But then try googling for ";1" successfully). Is this a known issue of some kind?

Thanks - Jonnan

Ubuntu 10.04, 64bit