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Thread: Community Tug-O-War By Days, Tomorrow Never Comes

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    Wink Community Tug-O-War By Days, Tomorrow Never Comes

    I claim one point because this is my first post to this game.

    I choose the blue team because the teams are even and I prefer blue for a team color, it isn't a car.

    red: 0 /0
    blue: 1 /0
    (team: points /wins)


    OK, I know what you are saying, I told me too: There are already too many counting/tug-o-war games in the blooming games section of the Ubuntu Forums Community Cafe.

    Two teams: Red & Blue (not regular users VS mods in this one)
    Team selection: New players must endeavour to join the team with less members at the time they join.
    (*If all their mates are on the other team perhaps they can be forgiven.)
    Objective: Get team to 366 points first for a win
    Team swapping: Shouldn't be tolerated.

    First post by given user is worth one point
    Each subsequent post by given user is worth one point per (full) day since their own last post in thread/game.

    Double, whatever multiple posting, is perfectly valid if there is a full day between each post - subsequent posting by users on the same day as their first post for that day should be ignored and protested by the opposition if 'scored' by a team.
    Bi-Posting is as pointless as double posting if you won't give it time chums

    A leap year of days is 366 days and the first team to have more than 365 points is the winner of the round in progress.

    It's not mods VS regular users, players must choose a team.
    Two teams independently collect points, not single accumulator with positive and negative targets.
    A player who last posted more "days ago" than their team requires to win can win the match in session with their next post.

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    Re: Community Tug-O-War By Days, Tomorrow Never Comes

    Up the Reds 1 - 1 Bloos
    Intelligence - that which leads to harmony

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