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Thread: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

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    Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    You show /ubuntu folder in efi partition which would not be a locked efi?

    Boot-Repair picks up on this issue.
    grub-efi fails to install with Input/output error - locked efi

    Boot-Repair is just a script that runs in the Ubuntu live installer or can be a full ISO bootable repair installer. If you have live installer without persistence you will have to download each time you reboot or may have to reinstall every time.

    The locked efi, is something in the FAT32 efi partition. Supposedly there is no way to lock that and it is only FAT32, so some bug in FAT32 partition?
    A few have been able to run chkdsk from Windows on the efi partition and fixed it.
    But most have just had to fully back up the entire efi partition - it is not large. Then totally delete it with gparted in live system, and then recreate it and restore data from backup.
    The efi partition is a FAT32 formatted partition with the boot flag (if using gparted). It is only on gpt partitioned drives and you can only have one efi partition per hard drive.
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    Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    Thanks again Oldfred. told me that to run chkdsk in Windows 8.1, I had to open File Manager, right-click on C: drive, Properties, Tools tab, click on the Check button. I did this 4-5 times and each time, it said that there were no errors. Then I shut-down, booted from Boot Repair and ran it following instructions. It said it worked but that I should make sure I was booting from the file it named. I shutdown, rebooted and went into my BIOS. There seemed to be somewhere to change which file but it was greyed out. I exited the BIOS, waited and saw the beautiful sight of my GRUB menu, made my choice and saw the even more beautiful sight of my Ubuntu desktop.

    Many thanks for your help

    Your signature says to close the thread when answered. My issue is definitely answered but I think you would like me to leave the thread open for others with boot problems.

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