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Thread: Mounting a filesystem before rsync or SSHFS

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    Angry Mounting a filesystem before rsync or SSHFS

    Hi guys,

    Here are a couple of my use cases:

    1. From my client, I want to use SSHFS to view a mounted MVFS on the server. My problem is that after SSHFS has been established, I am not given the opportunity to use the same session to execute the command to mount it. So when I do the command ls from the client, the directory is just empty?

    The question: Is there a way to execute a couple of commands using the same session used by SSHFS?

    2. This is also true for GNOME-commander, say I have already connected to the server and seeing some file system. Then I want to execute a command on the server to be able to mount the FS.

    3. Same with rsync. So I copy from this MVFS and unable to 'hijack' to enter a couple of commands before the sync can proceed.

    Just more info: I am sort of proxying ~ setting up SSHFS to the server that will mount another FS because this FS is MVFS. The server where I am connected to is supported platform to setup MVFS whereas my client is not supported.

    Some attempts I've done:
    I've entered the command in the .profile in the home directory to mount the system. But for some reason, .profile does not seem to get executed when i use SSHFS or use gnome-commander.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Mounting a filesystem before rsync or SSHFS

    Thread moved to "Server Platforms"

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