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Thread: Moving picture folder out of Root user

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    [SOLVED] Moving picture folder out of Root user

    I recently had to recover a partition with pictures on it. Shotwell did a great job, but put all the pictures in the root user's picture folder. I am trying my hardest to move the picture folder over to my current user's pictures directory. The user has an empty picture folder, so no need to worry about overwriting. Here is what I'm trying.

    user@computer:~$ gksudo mv -r ~/Pictures/ /user/Pictures/
    It thinks for about 5 seconds, and gives no error message. But alas, the user's picture folder is empty. I thought using the '-r' option meant recursive, but no pictures are showing. Hrm. So I tried the following.

    user@computer:~$ mv -r ~/Pictures/ /user/Pictures/
    mv: invalid option -- 'r'
    Try `mv --help' for more information.
    Now I'm confused. I thought '-r' was an option for moving. Correct?
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