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Thread: ARI Xpress 200m driver issue

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    ARI Xpress 200m driver issue

    I have a Dell laptop with ubuntu 11.04 install. However I cannot install the ati driver for this card. I have have tried 3 ways and none of attempts to get the driver installed have failed

    1: through package manager
    2: download through and website and run in terminal
    3: fglr

    I cannot figure this out! I just want to ati driver so I can enjoy the utility sidebar.

    I typed this post ony iPhone so please excuse grammar problems

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    Re: ARI Xpress 200m driver issue

    If what I have read is true trying to install a current driver for Ubuntu for your Xpress 200M from the AMD website will be a exercise in futility. When I entered your specs into their driver search function it turned up nothing. They do have a legacy driver for Windows and had a legacy driver for linux but if I understand correctly subsequent changes to the linux kernel made the legacy driver incompatible with any distributions after 8.10.

    If you are interested in reading about owners' experiences with the Xpress 200m just enter that into the Search function at the top right of the page. Here is a link to one of the posts that came up when I entered Xpress 200m Natty:

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    Re: ARI Xpress 200m driver issue

    I see what you did if you go to AMD website and select Radieon Xpress in the drop down menu you will see a driver from 2009 But anyways thanks for the link!


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