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Thread: "404 Not Found" error messages on website

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    "404 Not Found" error messages on website


    I have been facing this issue for months now, just didn't get down to do anything about it till now.

    When I try accessing the site, Firefox automatically changes the address to and I get the Chinese version of the website, and am not able to change it back to English, using the drop-down option on the site itself.

    Now, this may sound like an issue with the site, but let me give you some background info, and what steps I have tried:

    1. On the terminal, when I ping, I get the IP address of the site ( ) and using this IP address, the English version of the site loads on Firefox. The problem is, if I try navigating through the links on the site, I get the "404 Not Found" error message (eg: "The requested URL /Resources/Library/Symbian_Design_Guidelines/ was not found on this server") because many links have "" prefixed in them.

    2. When I ping, I get the response from (, which explains why the Chinese version of the site loads.

    3. I disabled the DNS cache on Firefox ( version 3.6.18 )by adding the following integer entries to the about:config page:

    a. network.dnsCacheExpiration=0
    b. network.dnsCacheEntries=0

    4. I flushed the DNS cache on the OS (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx) using the command:

    sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start
    5. Retarted the system.

    Still face the same issue.

    Is there any way to statically tell Ubuntu/Firefox to resolve all instances of to the fixed IP ( ), or is there any other better way to fix this issue?

    This issue doesn't occur when I use a different ISP for my internet connection (sharing my mobile phone's internet connection). I changed the DNS server IP addresses in the router to the OpenDNS IPs, but this issue persists.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: "404 Not Found" error messages on website

    Hi all,

    Just found on the discussion forums on that this is an issue that's being caused by something at Nokia's end..something to do with export compliance/restrictions.

    Sorry for posting an issue that was, in this regard, not relevant, and hope it didn't inconvenience anyone.

    Thanks all,


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