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Thread: Shell Script Commands

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    Lightbulb Shell Script Commands

    Today, I learned about shell scripting and how to write a script a wrote a VERY simple one. I think that its really cool but I would like write a script that will take new posts from a website and write them in a window and automatically retrieve updates. Does any one no any commands/scripts that will do this?
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    Re: Shell Script Commands

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    Question Re: Shell Script Commands

    How about an RSS type feed using shell tools?

    Let's see what you have written so far towards this goal.
    Pseudo-code, or actual code... anything.

    Does the target website have an RSS feed of new posts?
    Do you want titles of the posts?
    How much information do you want from each post exactly?
    You have to think in very specific terms when planning your code and the execution of it.

    I'd be willing to help guide you, so the actual website name might actually help.

    Subscribed with mild interest.
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