Its a simple case of tunneling but i am stuck trying to configure the tunnel

I have 2 comps
A - my own laptop
limited net access through proxy n speed is ******

B - my lab comp
less restricted net access through a different proxy (better speed )

A and B are connected through LAN, both comps dual boot on windows and ubuntu

i wanted to access net on A through B so i guessed i had to tunnel my traffic A to B
and created an ssh server on B and ssh client on A which connects to B
now i cannot configure applications/client on A to tunnel HTTP traffic to B nor the server on B to redirect net traffic through the proxy on that machine.

i know it is do-able but i am stuck
anyone who has done something like this plz tell me how to do it
or if there is a better way to do this
it will save me a lot of trouble for having to go to lab now and then