I'm using a Huawei E153 [vendor Id: product Id 14d2:1441] modem and it's working fine, But I was unable to connect the net.

And I tried a USBmode_switch old version and it gave me no positive result. And another new usbmode_switch worked and it changed my modem's product ID from 1441 to 14ac [Didn't connect to internet nor "lsusb" detected it as a modem], But it should change into 1001 [as I feel]
Both of these programs were installed manually, so I was not sure about the installation and so I tried a "USBmode_switch.Deb" packedge and it to gave me same result!!! [only change P.ID to 14ac]

So I installed "Mobile Partener for linux".and It worked..!
It will help others.

But my computer is slow [128MB RAM/2GHz AMD CPU/Onbord VGA 16MB]
So I can mobile partner make my computer unusable.
So I want to know a better way to solve this....
Ah; I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 [janty]
Please help me...