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Thread: Installation splitscreen

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    Unhappy Installation splitscreen

    I have been unable to use ubuntu for the last few versions because I keep having my HP Pavillion dv6700 with an NVIDIA GeForce 7150M/NForce 630M Display adapter split into several overlapping screens with the mouse properly lining up on none of them. I was hoping that the latest distro fixed this. It didn't. Is there a way to install Ubuntu so that I can fix this problem?

    I posted this on the installation forum and was referred here. This is preventing me from using even the live CD.

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    Unhappy Re: Installation splitscreen

    I have the same laptop and the exact same problem trying to install Ubuntu 11.10.

    I've been trying for hours to get everything working without any luck! Every time I try to install from the disc I have some sort of 'screen tearing' problem. I decided to run Ubuntu with Windows via the Wubi installer and I had the same problem during and after installation.

    This is what it looks like:

    Is there a way to fix this or install it without this happening?

    HP Pavilion dv6700
    Windows Vista Service Pack 2
    32-bit OS

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Installation splitscreen

    PrimaKaeso, first off, welcome to the forums!

    Your problem seems to be definitely graphics driver related. In live CD, do the following:

    1. While booting from the CD (or USB), press any key to bring up advanced options menu.
    2. Press F6 to pop up 'Other Options' menu
    3. Select 'Nomodeset' (by highlighting it using arrow keys and putting a cross before it by pressing spacebar)
    4. press 'Esc' key, then selecting "Try Ubuntu.." option, press 'Enter'

    This should allow you to boot with normal graphics.

    In the installed version, select "Recovery" mode, then "FailsafeX" option in the recovery mode to do the same. It is a temporary fix to boot normally, and you will then need to install proper driver for your graphics to get enhanced graphics.

    If this doesn't help, I would recommend to post this issue (with as much details as possible - including graphics adapter model you have) in your own new thread since this one is quite old now and the OP doesn't seem active. You may then post a link to it here which others can follow.
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