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Thread: Blank Screen after Logging in Ubuntu 11.04?

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    Re: Blank Screen after Logging in Ubuntu 11.04?

    Quote Originally Posted by courage1919 View Post
    Hmm, not sure what I'm suppose to do from here. :/

    sorry for the delay... crazy weekend .

    anyway, read into the issue a bit. apparently its an issue with the driver installer.

    here is the solution:

    I had the same problem. I removed all nvidia drivers with Synaptic. Then I installed again from command line - sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and ran sudo nvidia-xconfig and it worked.
    so open up synaptic package manager:

    system >> admin >> synaptic package manager

    then search for "nvidia" and look for the driver from the screen shot. and remove it. then do:

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    ***note**: this isnt my solution and i have nvr tested it, so cant guarantee it will work.
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    Re: Blank Screen after Logging in Ubuntu 11.04?

    I’m having a similar problem with 12.10. I installed it fresh beside Windows XP Pro. I installed it on a Dell Inspiron 600m, using the instructions found here (It has a non-PAE processor) It has an ATI video card (Mobility Radeon 9000) What I find odd is that I have a bunch of usable controls in the upper right edge of the log in screen, which disappear once I log in.

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