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Thread: Cheese screws up longer video recordings

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    Cheese screws up longer video recordings

    Can't seem to figure out how to make usable recordings with my webcam in cheese.
    When making very short video's like a few seconds...the longest so far was 11 seconds, it will behave just fine and it outputs a playable file with thumbnail and all.
    But when I try anything longer something seems to go wrong. I can tell first because cheese refuses to display a thumbnail for the resulting video. But also I cannot play it n any player I have (Yes I have pretty much all the codecs) Also when saved as a seperate file Gnome will choke when I try to get it to display properties for it.

    I haven't found any errors like this when googling for cheese.
    Hoping anyone can help me here?

    Oh my OS is 10.04 and I have the 2.30-something Cheese that's packed for this version (can't get any of the newer cheeses to compile on it so far)

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    Re: Cheese screws up longer video recordings

    Cheese would have to rate as the worst app ever distributed as part of Ubuntu..
    It is truly awful..
    Some may argue that title goes to Unity but I digress..

    I would try one of the other very good webcam apps in the std *buntu repository/software centre.



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