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Thread: How to upgrade post-end-of-life Dapper to Hardy

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    Smile Re: How to upgrade post-end-of-life Dapper to Hardy

    For the record, one more successful upgrade from 6.06 to 8.04 to 10.04.

    I only had some issues with GRUB.

    At the first step, it was the switch to UUID notation. The upgrade commended out all old entries in the fstab and replaced them with UUIDs, but didn't do it for the grub menu.lst (or maybe I choose to keep the old grub configuration). I had to replace the old entries with the UUID in menu.lst and then I could boot normally.

    At the second step, GRUB's menu didn't show the new kernel at all. I added it manually and it worked. Afterwards, I upgraded GRUB to GRUB2 and we'll see how the upgrade to 12.04 goes.

    Thanks for you help!

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    Re: How to upgrade post-end-of-life Dapper to Hardy

    In case you're coming late to the game as I did, the first post in this thread is still the way to go--I went 6.04>8.04->10.4->12.01 this morning, and the only part that was nonintuitive was the double-listing in the sources.list and resuming the do-upgrade script from its /tmp directory.

    Unlike other posters, i had no trouble with UUID's or grub. I did have the 10.4 update crash out near what I think was the end, and had to manually aptitude update; aptitude upgrade to uninstall all the junk that ended up hanging around thereafter, but I have yet to see any ill effects.


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    Re: How to upgrade post-end-of-life Dapper to Hardy

    I think I'll let my Dapper Drake desktop/server continue to run until the hard disk melts. It only has 118,529 hours on it. Then I will do a clean install--except it's hard to find PATA drives!
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