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Thread: Wine is slow at starting anything up

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    Wine is slow at starting anything up

    Hi there, I have a strange problem with Wine. It has worked properly for me since I got Kubuntu, but suddenly it is slow at starting anything up, if at all it starts the program. As an example I tried to start up Winetricks, which took about ten minutes. I ran it in Konsole with the simple command "winetricks" which, as I said, after ten minutes caused this message:"
    errrocess:__wine_kernel_init boot event wait timed out
    " and then booted Winetricks. Some games and programs that seem to work for others don't work for me, not even after waiting; my example here is the game Recettear, which seems to work for most people in Wine, but it won't boot for me.
    I use Kubuntu Natty 11.04 and I use Wine1.2-gecko.
    Could any of you help me?

    EDIT: Another thing I can see is, that if I run a program in Wine in a konsole, I have a marginally higher chance of actually getting the program to run. I wonder why
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    Re: Wine is slow at starting anything up

    Usually such low system performance is caused by problems with harddisk - so I would suggest You to check logs for scsi/md problems and to check SMART reports (if any of "Raw Data" values is not perfect then it should be investigated)


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