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Thread: Trouble on Macbook 3,1

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    Question Trouble on Macbook 3,1

    So. Just getting started with Linux, and I thought Ubuntu was a good place. So I burned an install DVD (internal drive wouldn't work, external drive did). I tried booting it and got the same result in both drives: I clicked "Try Ubuntu" (as opposed to Install), aand it did nothing. Got the Ubuntu wheel of death.
    So, I tried making a bootable usb stick with diskutil and conversions from .iso to .img, etc. Apparently my comp can only boot Mac OS X from USB tho.

    So. Any suggestions?

    Macbook 3,1 (Late 2007)
    Intel Core 2 Duo, integrated GMA graphics
    2gb ram

    trying to boot desktop 11.04

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    Re: Trouble on Macbook 3,1

    Did you use an ISO with "+mac" in the name? If not, here is the link to the 64bit desktop iso.

    Also, make sure to check your iso before and after you burn it. Here is a good guide on how to do that.
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    Re: Trouble on Macbook 3,1

    Yeah. Exactly correct. *facepalm*

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