I'm currently running Hardy on my desktop. I have been thinking about upgrading, but I don't like the KDE4 desktop. I know that Trinity is KDE3.5, but worry that upgrading to Trinity may cause the loss of some things I have on my drive, since if I read correctly I have to go through all the normal upgrades to Kubuntu before running the Trinity upgrade.

The other option I have is that I have a 40 gig partition that I set aside for virtual machines (I've got 3 or 4 on it, but wouldn't worry too much about loosing them). Would it be better to just install Trinity on that partition and keep my Hardy where it is, undisturbed? That would leave the option of transferring data/software from Hardy to Trinity.

Whats your opinion? (and no - I don't want to use the KDE4.desktop!)
Thanks for any suggestions/pointers/help!