This is just a note, not a support question. I am currently using Kubuntu 11.04. Just for fun, I installed Unity, Gnome, XFWM4, and several window managers. I decided that I did not want to keep Unity (or the others) so I removed it (them) using KPackageKit. I saw noticed that when I logged back on, I was faced with a prompt to enter in my keyring passphrase from both the Gnome keyring as well as the KDE keyring. I didn't know how to get rid of it, so I came to the forums. I found this thread. I went to Home, viewed hidden folders, entered gnome2, deleted the gnome-keyring folder, and all is well again. So props to user beew for the heads-up. I just wanted to make this thread so that if anyone else was (like me) looking under the kubuntu prefixes for this solution, they could find it.