I hope someone can help. I am new to linux (currently running Ubuntu 10.04). I have tried many different flavors (e.g. Debian, Mageia) and have received the following result on most of them...

When I boot into 1024x768 resolution, the taskbar at the top appears to be two "rows" in height with nothing in the first "row". "Applications Places System and icons" display along the bottom of the taskbar, as expected. Also, the bar at the bottom of the screen is shifted so far down as too make it almost unviewable. Changing the resolution to 800x600, but reverting back seems to clear the issue for a while, but it always returns. Another symptom is that the mouse cursor is off a bit. I need to click when the center of the cursor is over what I want to click, not the tip.

I have an HP Pavilion 725n with an nVidia GeForce4 MX video card and a Westinghouse 2610NW monitor. Running xvidtune (I have read about this in forums) states that it cannot query the monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.