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Thread: ipod mount troubles.

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    ipod mount troubles.

    after being on windows for almost a year and a half, i have made (what was originally) a graceful return to ubuntu.

    i have stricken a problem with mounting my sixth generation, 160gb, black ipod classic.
    this problem wasn't always there, but i should point out that it occurred after a safe removal, after i altered the "itunesdb" file, to fix the notorious "no music" issue.
    it was no drastic change; i merely replaced it with a backup file.

    i have been hunting around everywhere, and have found that my ipod may be mounted as a "read only" device.
    i have toyed, many times, with the "fsck" commands and such, but it doesn't seem to work.
    after trying to relate my issue with other people's similar issues, i've come to the conclusion that i may need to take the information, first hand.

    thanks in advance, guys.

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    Re: ipod mount troubles.

    never mind, i fixed it.
    not quite certain what i did, but it's fixed now.

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