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Thread: Canon Printer E500 driver not installing

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    Canon Printer E500 driver not installing

    I have tried Ubuntu 11.10(and also Linux Mint 12)

    When I connect the Canon Printer E500 (3 in 1) - it recognises the printer, searches for the driver but does not find it. I installed the driver, downloaded from the site - and I was able to configure it for Linux Mint after a bit of struggle. However, it did not work for Ubuntu 11.10.

    Neither does it work for Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2

    Any remedies, or workarounds?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Re: Canon Printer E500 driver not installing

    I was facing the similar problem.
    Then i went to printing option in Ubuntu, E500 was detected and the drivers were installed automatically. But i had downloaded the driver files files from canon - Don't know whether it had to do with the automatic install.

    It solved my printing issues but i am only able to print in color.
    The gray scale input option doesn't work.


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