I'm having problems installing strongvpn pptp on ubuntu 10.04. I've followed the instructions on

http://vpnblog.info/ubuntu-pptp-strongvpn.html and

Unfortunately I have no network manager icon. I've used Synaptic Package Manager to install all network manager related packages, and restarted the machine. The system monitor shows "nm-applet Sleeping." So perhaps if I could wake up the nm-applet (assuming that is the network manager applet) I could solve the problem that way.

I was also advised to try this method:


However, after creating this file, and running "sudo pon <filename>" where <filename> was the name of the file I created, I still had no vpn access.

Any other suggestions on how to get this set up?

In case it's not already obvious, I'm quite the rookie, so please take that into account with the advice. Thanks in advance.