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Thread: Party Time. Excellent.

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    <p>The Ubuntu community has had a long tradition of celebrating the release of a new version. Ubuntu users and Local Teams around the world have already started to plan the worldwide celebration of the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.</p>
    <p>You can find parties on the <a href="">Release Party</a> wiki page. If you want to organize your own party, then feel free to use the wiki page to coordinate your efforts. If you use <a >flickr</a>, then please tag your photos with the “ubuntu” tag so that it will show up on our sidebar.</p>

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    Re: Party Time. Excellent.

    I'm surprised there are hardly any offerings in the in Hull I think.

    I would of thought they'd lay out a big do in London!!!

    Isn't the firm Canonical registered here!?!

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    Re: Party Time. Excellent.

    I expect I will be at the Montreal party!


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